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This isn’t how it’s supposed to feel.

You couldn’t even see it even if it was spelled out and hit you right in the face.

It’s weird to think that some of the people from our past are now just a memory. Some bad, some good. It’s a strange feeling that someone you once knew everything about is now no longer in your life and you couldn’t even say how they were doing at this very moment. Some for better, some for worse. Each of them brought us to who we are today. Some came in our lives and showed us love. Some came into our lives to teach us something. To help us grow. And some passed through to show us who we don’t want to become. Regardless if it was a lover, a best friend, or even something that ended in total heartbreak, I can’t help but think; I have learned so much from the people that have entered my life. They’ve shown me a lot about who I am and who I want to become. I am so grateful for each and every one of you. And I am more grateful for the ones that are still apart of my life today. Each one of you are so inspiring in your own way and I adore each of you so much. Relationships between one another are so important and a beautiful part of life. I cherish each one of you that hold and have held a part of my life.